CityLight Coffee

Coffee with a Story

CityLight Coffee is proud to serve direct-trade coffee beans grown in northern Thailand on one of the highest points of Doi Chang mountain!

We source from Abonzo Coffee, a small coffee farm named after the founder's grandfather, Abonzo. He was one of the first leaders in the community to support growing coffee instead of opium. It was founded in 2012.

Grandpa Abonzo has since passed away, but his legacy to create a better life for the Akha people has been taken up by the next generation. Every time you drink Abonzo Coffee, you are both drinking Thailand's best coffee and taking part in building a better life for the Akha community

But that's not all!

We give back 100% of our sales to social justice needs and projects around the world, such as

Sex trafficking deprives millions of freedom, dignity, and choice. The commercial sex industry exploits even more. This evil impacts primarily women and girls in countries around the world.

A major chronic disease can severely handicap a person, preventing them from participating in many activities that healthy people take for granted. It can limit job opportunities, limit or prevent basic mobility, weaken their ability to stay healthy, and in many cases result in dealth

Poverty is pervasive. The UN defines it as "a condition characterized by severe deprivation of basic human needs, including food, safe drinking water, sanitation facilities, health, shelter, education and information. It depends not only on income but also on access to services."

Education is a powerful antidote to poverty. An educated person is empowered with the tools to pursue dignified careers that raise them and their families out of poverty. But unfortunately many people in both Thailand and around the world do not have the opportunity or resources to start that journey.

Each month we highlight what we call "our common cause", the cause we believe that we all should be fighting for.